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Snow Textile Socks | Universal


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  • Enhances tire grip on snow and ice.
  • Made from durable and resistant materials.
  • Easy to install and remove.
  • Suitable for a wide variety of vehicles.
  • Temporary solution for unforeseen winter conditions.


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Note: “The Mountain Law” requires drivers in mountainous regions to equip their vehicles with 4 winter tires or snow chains/socks between November 1st and March 31st.”

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Snow Textile Socks – Enhance Your Winter Grip!

Discover our high-quality Snow Textile Socks, designed to provide you with safer and more reliable driving in winter. Don’t let snow and ice compromise your road safety. Our snow socks are the ideal solution for challenging winter conditions.

Available Size Information:

Size : S
Size Size Compatible with tires
13″ 145/80 R13, 155/80 R13, 175/65 R13, 175/70 R13, 185/65 R13, 185/70 R13, 195/60 R13, 195/65 R13, 205/60 R13, 215/60 R13, 225/55 R13
14″ 135/80 R14, 145/70 R14, 145/80 R14, 155/65 R14, 155/70 R14, 165/65 R14, 165/70 R14, 175/60 R14, 175/65 R14, 185/55 R14, 185/60 R14, 195/55 R14, 195/60 R14, 205/50 R14, 205/55 R14
15″ 125/80 R15, 135/70 R15, 145/65 R15, 145/70 R15, 155/60 R15, 155/65 R15, 165/60 R15, 175/50 R15, 175/55 R15, 175/60 R15, 185/50 R15, 185/55 R15, 195/45 R15, 195/50 R15, 205/50 R15, 215/45 R15
16″ 175/50 R16, 185/50 R16, 195/40 R16, 195/45 R16, 205/40 R16, 205/45 R16, 215/40 R16, 225/40 R16, 255/35 R16
17″ 195/40 R17, 215/35 R17, 225/35 R17

Size : M
Size Size Compatible with tires
13″ 165/80 R13,175/80 R13,185/80 R13,195/70 R13,205/65 R13,205/70 R13,225/60 R13,235/60 R13
14″ 55/80 R14,165/75 R14,165/80 R14,175/70 R14,175/75 R14,175/80 R14,185/65 R14,185/70 R14,185/75 R14,195/65 R14,195/70 R14,205/60 R14,205/65 R14,215/60 R14
15″ 215/65 R14,225/55 R14,225/60 R14,135/80 R15,145/80 R15,155/70 R15
155/80 R15,165/65 R15,165/70 R15,175/65 R15, 175/70 R15,185/60 R15,185/65 R15,195/55 R15,195/60 R15,195/65 R15,200/60 R15,205/55 R15,205/60 R15,215/50 R15,215/55 R15,225/50 R15,225/55 R15,235/45 R15,245/50 R15,255/45 R15
16″ 165/65 R16,175/55 R16,175/60 R16,185/55 R16,185/60 R16,195/50 R16,195/55 R16,205/50 R16,205/55 R16,215/45 R16,215/50 R16
225/45 R16,225/50 R16,245/45 R16
17″ 175/55 R17,195/45 R17,205/40 R17,205/45 R17,215/40 R17,215/45 R17,225/40 R17,225/45 R17,235/40 R17,245/35 R17,245/40 R17,255/40 R17,275/35 R17
18″ 205/40 R18,215/35 R18,215/40 R18,225/30 R18,225/35 R18,235/35 R18,245/35 R18,255/30 R18,255/35 R18
19″ 245/30 R19

Size : L
Size Size Compatible with tires
14″ 185/80 R14,195/75 R14,195/80 R14,205/70 R14,205/75 R14,205/80 R14,215/70 R14,215/75 R14,225/70 R14,235/60 R14,245/60 R14
15″ 165/80 R15,175/75 R15,175/80 R15,185/70 R15,185/80 R15,195/70 R15,195/75 R15,205/65 R15,205/70 R15,215/60 R15,215/65 R15,215/70 R15,225/60 R15,225/65 R15,230/60 R15,235/55 R15,235/60 R15,245/60 R15,255/55 R15,275/50 R15
16″ 165/75 R16
175/70 R16,175/75 R16,185/65 R16,185/75 R16,195/60 R16,195/65 R16,205/60 R16,205/65 R16,215/55 R16,215/60 R16,225/55 R16,225/60 R16,235/50 R16,235/55 R16,245/50 R16,245/55 R16
17″ 175/65 R17,185/60 R17,185/65 R17,195/55 R17,205/50 R17,205/55 R17,205/60 R17,215/50 R17,215/55 R17,225/50 R17,225/55 R17,235/45 R17,235/50 R17,245/45 R17,245/50 R17,255/45 R17,265/40 R17
275/40 R17
18″ 205/45 R18,205/55 R18,215/45 R18,215/50 R18,225/40 R18,225/45 R18,225/50 R18,235/40 R18,235/45 R18,245/40 R18,245/45 R18,255/40 R18,265/35 R18,265/40 R18,275/35 R18,275/40 R18
19″ 225/35 R19,225/40 R19,235/35 R19,235/40 R19,245/35 R19,245/40 R19,255/30 R19,255/35 R19,265/30 R19,265/35 R19,275/30 R19,275/35 R19
20″ 245/30 R20,245/35 R20,255/30 R20,275/30 R20

Size : XL
Size Size Compatible with tires
14″ 215/80 R14,235/70 R14,265/70 R14
15″ 195/80 R15,195/85 R15,205/75 R15,205/80 R15,215/75 R15,215/80 R15,225/70 R15,225/75 R15,235/70 R15,235/75 R15,255/60 R15,255/65 R15,255/70 R15,275/60 R15
16″ 175/80 R16,185/80 R16,195/75 R16,195/80 R16,195/85 R16,205/70 R16,205/75 R16,205/80 R16,215/65 R16,215/70 R16,215/75 R16,225/65 R16,225/70 R16,225/75 R16,235/60 R16,235/65 R16
235/70 R16,245/60 R16,255/65 R16,265/60 R16
17″ 185/70 R17,195/75 R17,205/65 R17,205/75 R17,215/60 R17,215/65 R17,215/70 R17,225/60 R17,225/65 R17,235/55 R17,235/60 R17,235/65 R17,245/55 R17
18″ 255/50 R17,255/55 R17,255/60 R17,265/55 R17,275/55 R17,215/55 R18,225/55 R18,225/60 R18,235/50 R18,235/55 R18,235/60 R18,245/50 R18,245/55 R18,255/45 R18,255/50 R18
255/55 R18,265/45 R18,275/45 R18
19″ 155/70 R19,175/60 R19,205/55 R19,225/45 R19,225/55 R19,235/45 R19,235/50 R19,235/55 R19,245/45 R19,255/40 R19,255/45 R19,255/50 R19,265/40 R19,275/40 R19,275/45 R19
20″ 175/55 R20,195/55 R20,235/30 R20,235/40 R20,235/45 R20,245/40 R20,245/45 R20,255/35 R20,255/40 R20,255/45 R20,265/35 R20,265/40 R20,275/35 R20,275/40 R20
21″ 245/35 R21,245/40 R21,255/40 R21,265/35 R21,275/30 R21

Key Features:

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Can be used without any deterioration in changing snow and ice conditions, as well as alternating asphalt sections, without the need to remove them
  • Compatible with ABS (Anti-lock Braking System)
  • Does not damage tires
  • Reusable and washable
  • Made entirely of fabric, without metal parts, preventing tire damage or vibrations during driving
  • Snow socks self-center and align perfectly on the tire after a very short period of use
  • Impossible to detach during normal driving conditions

Why Choose Our Snow Socks:

Our textile snow socks are a practical option for those who want to enhance their winter grip without investing in expensive winter tires. Perfect for winter getaways, mountain trips, or simply facing unexpected snowstorms.

Remember, safety is the number one priority on the road in winter, and our snow socks are here to help you drive with confidence.

Order Today:

Don’t wait for winter to arrive before preparing. Order your textile snow socks today and be ready to tackle snowy roads safely. Add this product to your cart and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve this winter.

Note: Ensure to check compatibility with your tires and follow the manufacturer’s instructions for optimal use of your snow socks.


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L, M, S, XL, XS, XXL


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